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In simple terms, it is a combination of automation and artificial intelligence. Cognitive abilities like natural language processing, speech recognition, machine learning and computer vision integrated with robotic process automation lead to applications with high standards of efficiency, speed and quality, as they learn and adapt on the go.

RPA automates rules based processes to eliminate human interaction with the computers, in turn, leaving more time for the employees to focus on truly human activities of collaborating, connecting and delighting customers. It leads to reduction of overall cost and increase in speed, productivity, accuracy, scalability and flexibility. Take a look at this video to understand more

Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human thought process where the system makes autonomous decisions by constantly analyzing and improving its performance by adapting itself to the dynamic conditions. Self-learning cognitive abilities like pattern recognition, natural language processing, speech recognition, machine learning and computer vision are used to mimic the human brain. Artificial intelligence systems require minimal human intervention and can automate simple to complex repetitive administrative tasks with an ease.

Research suggests it is just the opposite. Automation will lead to cost savings of up-to 55% for deterministic and rules based processes. The time to reach break-even ranges from 6 months to 2 years depending on the complexity of the process. (HfS report)

On top of this, Mavenick Consulting does not start any commercial engagement unless we are convinced about the business case for you. We will do the grunt work of cost-benefit analysis for you, before we start the project.

You can follow our 3 step maturity model to get on board with automation. Take a look at our blog “3 Step Maturity Model for Your Automation Centric Enterprise”.

To incorporate RPA in your processes, it is also essential to create ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ process maps to make sure you simplify and optimize your process and make it automation-friendly. By reducing the number of processes and highly automating the remaining processes, optimum results can be achieved, be it w.r.t. cost, ROI, throughput or customer satisfaction.

Mavenick Consulting provides fast and efficient consulting in process discovery. We don’t need your written SOPs. We find those for you in just a few days of engagement.

First identify the most appropriate processes to be automated using RPA by looking for rules based and deterministic processes. Data-entry procedures in workflow processes, data extraction from standard databases and routine tasks like processing insurance claims and banking transactions etc. are excellent candidates to start with RPA.

As part of our fast and efficient process discovery consulting engagement, we tell you the processes you should consider automating on top priority and why.

The next wave of automation is here and Robotic Process Automation is going to play a big role along with artificial intelligence. At Mavenick, we believe in transformation through relentless execution! We have the goods to help both, enterprises and individuals, to not only prepare for confidently embracing this huge change but benefit from it too! Look at this video for better understanding our value proposition.

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