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Mankind has gone through multiple waves of automation in the modern era. Starting from industrial revolution up to the present age of the internet and mobile.

We strongly believe that the next wave of automation is here and Intelligent Automation is going to play a big role.

In this wave, many of us will need to adopt new skills. Millions of jobs will be affected or significantly modified. We believe that the number of jobs will not go down, in fact, we will see more opportunities created. However, the skills required in the future will change significantly.

At Mavenick, we want to help both enterprises and individuals. We want to create the world free of drudgery!

Our Team

Ashutosh Saitwal
Ashutosh SaitwalFounder & CEO

Ashutosh Saitwal is a transformation leader with over 25 years of experience in both large enterprise and start-up environments.

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Dilip Bhonde
Dilip Bhonde Strategic Adviser

Dilip Bhonde has 33+ years of experience in various roles in MNCs such as IBM, Satyam, Symantec, Capgemini etc.

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We at Mavenick specialize in the transformation of enterprise operations through AI & RPA