Your operations on Auto-pilot: Increase productivity by at least 50%

Intelligent Automation Solutions: Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation

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Your operations on Auto-pilot: Increase productivity by at least 50%

Intelligent Automation Solutions: Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation

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Convert Your Operations Into A Competitive Advantage!

Most of the organizations are facing key challenges with their operations & process execution – the high cost of operations, low productivity, low innovation, high error rate, low compliance, high vulnerability of sensitive data, high attrition due to mundane/ repetitive work…

With the right Intelligent Automation strategy and relentless execution, solve these challenges to achieve:

Cost Savings

20% to 50%

Productivity Improvement

50% to 100%

Return On Investment

200% to 500%


95% to 100%


End-To-End Solution

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Intelligent Automation Focus Areas


  • Creating and sending Quotes
    As per customer request sales team send quotes to customer most of the time they have to come back to the workplace to make this quotation, using RPA & AI the bot can simply receive an email with necessary details and can send the quote to the customer on salesperson behalf.

  • Creating and sending Contract Renewals
    On Regular basis Sales team has to keep track of contract renewal, using RPA & AI the bot can know when a contract expires and send a renewal notification along with the renewed contract.
  • Creating and delivering Sales invoices
    This is a case of data replication. Same sales data needs to exist in both CRM and accounting systems. Instead of manual data replication, bots can update accounting records, prepare and deliver invoices from the right email accounts.
  • Updating CRM
    Updating interactions to CRM is time-consuming and unproductive yet necessary. Because Salesforce acts needs to act as the source of truth regarding customer interactions, using RPA & AI the bot can simply receive an email with the necessary details and will update the CRM System.

Marketing & Customer Service

  • Customer onboarding
    Most B2C businesses have a customer onboarding process that is critical to reduce hassle and get customers to start using the product. Using OCR and cognitive automation, most customer onboarding actions can be completed instantaneously even in companies that rely on legacy systems, greatly improving customer experience.

  • Marketing Email campaign
    Using RPA & AI we can create a bot which can run targeted marketing email campaign.
  • Resolving simple but common customer issues
    A dashboard can be created for common queries. Customer rep will fill the necessary data to resolve the issues and bots will use that data in several systems to complete the transaction.
  • Automating multi-step complex tasks
    Some legacy systems force customer service reps to complete numerous steps to complete some common tasks. If these steps do not require human judgment, they can easily be automated, saving significant time.

Finance & Accounting

  • Daily P&L preparation
    Large financial services companies, especially those in the trading business, track P&L and risk exposures daily. While some companies have automated these processes, there are still companies that rely on excel, legacy tools and manual effort to complete these reports.

  • Reconciliation
    Extracting data from bank statements for reconciling records, using RPA & AI the bot can do this.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)
    While dedicated KYC solutions are emerging, if your company does not prefer to use one, it is possible to use RPA bots to automate portions of KYC process. For edge cases that require human intervention, case can be forwarded to an employee.
  • Financial planning
    Financial planning involves the unexciting exercise of processing and merging financial statements from numerous departments in a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) system, which can be at least partially automated.

  • Logistics – Trade Finance
    Trade finance involves multiple parties coordinating and ensuring the delivery of goods and payments. Banks and companies communicate through letters of credit and other documents which need to be processed. using RPA & AI we can automate these things.
  • Financial & Forex
    Using RPA & AI the bot can track a currency value and can make a trade on behalf of the finance person using complex workflow.
  • Claims Processing
    Claims processing is much data and document intensive. It needs you to the collection of a vast amount of information from varying sources. A claim process that is manual and lengthy can create trouble for both customer service and operations.
    RPA helps the insurers in easily gathering data from various sources to be used at the centralized documents so that the claims can be processed in much faster pace.

Operations & Procurement

  • Product categorization
    Global retail companies need to harmonize SKU data from multiple markets to be able to look beyond numbers to insights, Traditionally these tasks required employees to manually match SKUs into categories in complex spreadsheets. Since this is a task that does not directly impact customers, fault tolerance is not very high and RPA bots can be used to automate the process saving thousands of hours of work.

  • Updating inventory records
    Inventory management typically involves reconciliation across multiple systems as companies find it challenging to bring all inventory management features under one system. RPA bots can automate such inter-system reconciliation and communication with ease.
  • Updating vendor records
    Vendor master file is important to keep up-to-date to ensure that different departments or units can coordinate their spending. Updating such files with bots can relieve procurement professionals from simple tasks to focus on managing vendor relationships.
  • Procure-to-pay
    Since procure-to-pay process involves extracting invoice and payment data from multiple systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), banks, vendors, logistics companies and since not all these systems provide easy integration methods they generally involve some form of manual labor. RPA bots can fill integration gaps. Since they work on the front-end, they can provide an easy way to automate integrations.

Human Resource

  • Employee data management
    HR departments routinely get requests on personnel data which is constantly changing. Setting up bots for auto updating personnel data from forms or email can ensure that HR can access fresh and correct data.

  • Payroll automation
    Payroll function requires repetitive processing of payroll taking into myriad regulations and company rules. While modern payroll software provides a good solution for this process, some companies rely too much on legacy systems to be able to make the switch to a modern payroll software. They can rely on bots to increase automation in the payroll management process.
  • Visa Applications & Renewals
    A bot can be use to make online visa application and renewal
  • HR virtual assistants
    Putting all of these services together for employees is also possible. A chatbot that authenticates customers and serves all their HR-related needs would help HR departments to focus on higher value-added activities. Such a bot could help employees register sick leave and vacation time, request information about their work contract and submit expense reimbursements.

  • New employee onboarding
    Creating employee records in all HR systems, filling employee information, creating the user ID in the AD as well as all business applications that the employee will need to access, setting appropriate privileges in all these systems as per employee role, asset allocation, cubicle allocation.

Information Technology

  • Operating System Maintenance
    IT professional has to spend a lot of time for installation and maintenance of server and pc operating system, A AI Based RPA can be used to automate this process.

  • Software installations
    A lot of IT professionals spend most of there time installing and configuring software on user computers which are a step by step processes. A RPA can enable single click installations of complex systems with interdependent components.
  • IT Helpdesk
    A lot of companies use helpdesk support users to help solve computer user on day to day task, A chatbot can be created using RPA & AI which can understand user input and provide relevant solution like resetting password, providing access to a file, creating new users in Active directory, granting or changing user privileges for any enterprise software usage, on-boarding a new employee etc.

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Runners Up at Startupweekend Pune 2018
UiPath PowerUp Automation Hackathon 2018
Runners Up at Startupweekend Pune 2018
Runners Up at Startupweekend Pune 2018
Runners Up at Startupweekend Pune 2018
Runners Up at Startupweekend Pune 2018